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Join us as an Independent Board Member (Finance)

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Do you have Board-level experience and expertise in managing assets in public companies or start-ups? We're looking for an Independent Board Member to join us. We need someone who can help us take our vision forward, but do it in the right way, a way that fits with our core values.

The Role

Place of work: Hybrid: Juno homes, office in Liverpool and working from home

Job terms: Part-time (1 day/month), 1-year appointment

Remuneration: Charging a fee is optional and it is our hope that we will be able to recruit NEDs who are willing to work on a voluntary basis. However, if that is not the case, Juno offers the following remuneration to NEDs: £500 per day (expected 1 day per month, equating to £6,000 PA) NEDs will be required to invoice monthly with details of the time worked. Additional reasonable out-of-pocket expenses will be paid in addition.

Juno currently has three people working part-time on our Finances; the Finance Director (FCA qualified), and two trainees. They are a great team, but to ensure good governance, we want a Finance NED to join our Board who can oversee key decisions and plans, and add some specialist commercial knowledge around group structure and tax.

We aren’t expecting you to be in the detail of the finance work day-to-day, but we do want you to have oversight and to provide constructive challenge to our work. There may be times when we need to seek a second opinion from you, share ideas or get some specific advice around an area of expertise. Most importantly, you will monitor and scrutinise the financial performance of the organisation.

We want someone who can keep an eye on the bigger picture, making sure our strategy is being progressed whilst helping our Senior Leadership Team and wider team grow and learn.

As an Independent Board member, we’ll need you to share your knowledge and experience to keep our financial governance tight and tidy. At the heart of your role is:

  • Attending and actively participating in all Board Meetings (unless the absence is agreed upon prior), including reading and carefully considering how you can contribute to all Board papers in advance.

  • Providing support, and constructive challenge to the Finance Director, Company Secretary, and Managing Director.

  • Keeping the Board and the Exec team accountable to ensure they achieve their agreed work plans and to ensure that Juno achieves its purpose in line with its business plan.

We want you to use your experience and expertise in finance to:

  • Support and advise the Board and Senior Leadership Team in the development of creative business strategies that help us achieve our objectives.

  • Ensure that Juno’s resources are allocated and used in the best way possible to achieve our vision.

  • Ensure that the Board understands the financial information being provided to them by the Exec team

  • Make sure the organisation keeps to high standards of financial ethics in how it and its teams approach work both externally and internally.

Who are we looking for?

You will have:

  • You have experience in managing assets, including knowledge of the potential tax implications and impact on the group of companies.

  • You have experience with start-up organisations and understand the risks and challenges this brings.

  • You’ve got Board-level experience of a public company or organisation with a similar governance setup.

  • You’re excited by and able to help us deliver positive change in children’s residential care.

  • You’re able to build relationships with people from lots of different backgrounds, and you can do this quickly and effectively.

  • You can ensure that we have a financial governance structure that is appropriate to our size/complexity and stage of development.

  • You have an understanding of different types of company structures, and experience in establishing groups of companies to maximise the potential of the business and minimise liabilities, taking advantage of any group tax relief that may be available.

Application deadline - 30th of November

To apply:

Send your CV and a Cover letter* to

*no longer than 2 pages

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend an online interview

Download the full job pack for further information:

Independent Board Member (Finance) Job Pack Nov23
Download PDF • 1.87MB

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