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Young Leaders

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Juno homes are designed by care-experienced young people to be places they would love to live in. Juno staff are hired with care-experienced people's involvement, and the outcomes are evaluated by an independent organisation together with our Young Leaders.


In short, Young Leaders are a core part of the Juno team, their experience shapes the thinking and decisions across all parts of the organisation.

Our Young Leaders

The Juno Young Leaders Group is working alongside the Juno staff team across all key areas of the project, to make sure our work is informed by their insights and experiences.


Here's how we work together:

  • An informal setup, with a welcoming atmosphere and space to focus on their areas of passion

  • The group is boosted by  training from the Juno team so that everyone can develop new skills

  • Young Leaders have real weight in decision making; their views and insights must have a real impact and we need to make sure we’re clear about what they can and can’t affect from the start

  • Juno regularly reports back about what we have done

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We want more voices on this project - particularly those who have experienced residential care - so we can hear different perspectives. So, if you're a care-experienced young person and would like to join the Juno Young Leaders group, we'd love to hear from you. Reach out to

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Watch this video to find out more about the Young Leaders on our Facebook page

What sort of things are our Young Leaders involved in?

Working with an evaluation team to design and deliver a child-centred evaluation project that helps Juno to understand what impact our homes are having on the lives of the young people we care for.

Working alongside the Juno team and the Board to design how best to include and involve young people in formal governance processes. Developing a long-term young people’s engagement plan for Juno 

Taking part in Juno’s recruitment campaign and being involved in the selection process.

Leading exit interviews with young people moving on from Juno.

Working with the home team to make decisions about the planning and design of the Juno homes

​What do our Young Leaders get in return?

Compensation at national living wage levels for all participation (except for fun days out and social events which will be paid for by Juno and voluntary to attend) 

Great quality training and real responsibility so that time spent supporting Juno offers skills and experience beneficial for our lives outside of the group 

Really good communication in and outside of the group so that everyone feels clear about what’s happening and what’s expected of each other.  

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