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Life at Juno


Here at Juno, we’re making residential care a great place for you to grow up. We’re creating homes that young people are proud of, where you know that you are safe and loved, and that give you the confidence, skills and relationships to become the amazing adult you were born to be. 

Juno homes are being designed by care-experienced young people to be places they would love to live in. They will be welcoming and homely inside and out, with large spaces for being together and private spaces for alone time. We want young people to help shape how things look as much as possible – after all, it’s your home.  

Our brilliant team is there to stand alongside you and help you find your way in every part of life. Everyone who’s part of Juno is there because they want to be - we don’t employ people who just want to do a shift, earn some money, and go home. Our team are here because they love to find the things that make you who you are and help to grow these things further into strengths you can use in the future.


Each home is part of a community where you will build up your network of friends and people you trust. It’s close to where you’ve lived before, and we’ll do all we can to make sure you don’t have to change school or anything like that. The team will help keep you in touch with those you care about and who care about you. 

At the moment we’re just in the process of setting up and getting a bigger team onboard to run our homes. However, we really want to get some young people involved in getting this right. Is that something you might be interested in getting involved with? If so, click through to our Young Leaders pages to find out more. 

Home One:

Our first home is in progress and we're very pleased with it. 

  • It's in a desirable location (in Wirral), close to good schools and amenities

  • We've leased the house from a local Charitable Benefit Society with ongoing conversations about the opportunity to purchase. 

  • We've had positive engagement with neighbours, and planning permission secured for extensive renovations to convert from a tired unit for adults with learning disabilities into a high-spec children’s home.

Our first home

Our Young Leaders

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We are bringing together a team of "young leaders" to be the voice of Juno, helping us to create a space that’s shaped by your views. We think it’s important to involve young people who’ve been in the care system. They've got abilities and experiences that are really important to making sure our care is the best it can be.


The Juno Young Leaders Group will work alongside the Juno staff team to lead several important pieces of work. When we spoke to care experienced young people in Wirral about what this group would do, be like, and offer to benefit those involved and the wider organisation they told us they wanted...

  • An informal setup, with a welcoming atmosphere and good food  

  • Sessions are to be guided by someone who has good leadership and communication skills and who ideally has care experience. They should support someone in the group to lead it in the long term and be warm, open, and friendly 

  • The group is to be boosted by really good training from the Juno team so that we all develop new skills and techniques that help us to do the job really well 

  • To promote new friendships and connections across Liverpool City Region  

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  • To be paid fairly; young people should be paid for their time, with rates for meetings in line with the national living wage, plus travel costs reimbursed, food covered when we meet and fun days out funded by Juno 

  • To be taken seriously and have real weight in decision making; young people’s views and insights must have real impact and we need to make sure we’re clear about what we can and can’t affect from the start. 

  • An approach that’s consistent, with adults in Juno regularly reporting back what they have done; from what you told us/saw/experienced, we did, we will do, we  can’t  do. 

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Now you might have different ideas and thoughts, and that is absolutely okay! We want more voices on this project so that we can hear different perspectives. So, if you don’t agree with something above or you’ve more to add, we want to hear from you. 

Our Young Leaders

What sort of things are our Young Leaders involved in?

Helping to create Juno’s recruitment campaign so that it represents our values and ethos. Being involved in the selection process so that the views of young people are included in recruitment.


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Working with the builders to refine the plans for the Garden Room in the Oxton home. Working with the home team to make decisions about the final finish and furniture.

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Working with an evaluation team to design and deliver a child-centred evaluation project that helps Juno to understand what impact our homes are having on the lives of young people we care for. Conducting Young Inspector visits of Juno Homes. Leading exit interviews with young people moving on from Juno.

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Working alongside the Juno team and the Board to design how best to include and involve young people in formal governance processes. Developing a long-term young people’s engagement plan for Juno 

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​What do our Young Leaders get in return?

Pay that meets national living wage levels for all participation (except for fun days out and social events which will be paid for by Juno and voluntary to attend) 

Great quality training and real responsibility so that time spent supporting Juno offers skills and experience beneficial for our lives outside of the group 

Really good communication in and outside of the group so that everyone feels clear about what’s happening and what’s expected of each other.  

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