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Our Homes


Juno homes have been designed with and for young people. Since the start of the project, we have been putting the voices of care-experienced young people at the forefront of our thinking. We listened to their ideas on the design of spaces, the local communities they'd like to be a part of and the overall feel of the homes.

As we grow, we will be learning from the young people living in our care and evolving our thinking
to ensure Juno homes are the best they can be.

Young Voices

Care leavers from across the city region shared their views about what needs to fundamentally change in residential care. They told us about the style of the buildings, the teams who worked with them, the openness to the local community and, most importantly, their own personal needs and dreams.

How the homes should feel:

  • "We want cosy, homely environments that look and feel like a family home."

  • "I want space to be really mine - safe and personal."

  • "Let me live in safe neighbourhoods in a home that blends in with the local community."

  • "I’d like a garden and areas to play and relax."

  • "I’d like my biological family to come and spend time there too."

How the team should feel:

  • "Emotionally intelligent and not afraid to love children."

  • "Able to do what’s right for us, not just what’s easy or less scary."

  • "Consistently there, for the long haul."

  • "Connecting me to other people and places."

  • "Not distracted by paperwork."

  • "Part of diverse, committed teams."

Illustration of the word Happy
Illustration of the word Family

Juno Oxton

Our first home is finished and we're very pleased with it. 

  • It's in a desirable location, close to good schools and amenities.

  • Our Young Leaders have played a key role in the design and decoration of the home.

  • The building has been refurbished and decorated to feel like home, not an institution. All bedrooms are en-suite and there is plenty of space for socialising and hobbies.

Find the Juno Oxton Statement of Purpose here.

Picture of a ceilling with a colourful light fixture

We're delighted that Ofsted rates Juno Oxton as a Good Provider

Photograph of a bowl of oranges and pastries in a light residential childcare home kitchen

Juno Wallasey

Our second home is being prepared for opening this year

  • We're working on design with the Young Leaders, to ensure the spaces are suitable for young people and feel welcoming.

  • The property is being refurbished and decorated.

  • We're looking for brilliant people to join the team at Juno Wallasey, find out more here.

Juno Wallasey is planned to open in 2024.

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