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Our Partners


Juno is supported by a range of partners who help us grow, deliver the best
possible outcomes and evaluate our impact. 

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Our Evaluation Partner

At Juno, we’ve got a deep commitment to delivering impactful, purposeful support for children in our region. We’ve developed an Impact Framework that outlines how we plan to support meaningful change for children in our care and we want to ensure that these new approaches are really working for children, for the team that support them and for the community around us.

Therefore, it’s vital that we pay extremely close and purposeful attention to our operations in this first home. We’ll be asking many questions of ourselves and our team, such as:

  • How effective is our selection process and training for new team members? 

  • Are staff feeling able to work in a more relationship-centred way? 

  • How are young people experiencing life in our first home; do they feel safe, well-supported, and loved? What’s working for them? What needs to change?


  • Are we meeting our goals with regards to high staff retention? What is really contributing to this? 

  • Is our home environment conducive to relationship-centred care? Could we do more to engage our partners and the local community?

Lottery funded insights...

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Thanks to support from the National Lottery Community Fund, we’ll be working with an independent evaluation partner - the University of Central Lancashire - who can come alongside us and care-experienced people to strengthen our reflective practice and evaluate our first year.


The funding will allow us and UCLan to:

  • Analyse how effectively Social Pedagogy and other key features of the Juno model have been embedded in our first home, identifying key successes, learning and opportunities for improvement in the future. 

  • Present an impartial view of the impact our care is having on young people living in our first home, using a methodology designed and led by children and young people.


As well as improving our own learning and practice, we will be sharing these insights with our funders, partners and other local providers and teams who might benefit from our journey.

Capacity’s Role

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Capacity is the North West’s leading public service redesign agency. The organisation prides itself on moving forward on the projects that matter: the ones that make the biggest impact on the lives of everyday people.  Set up in Liverpool in 2015 the organisation is fiercely proud of its ability to understand local people and places, keeping them involved in projects along the way. 

In 2019 Capacity was approached by the LCR Children’s Commissioners group – with a mandate for wider market reform from the Directors of Children’s Services across the City Region – to help design a new approach that could meet significant local challenges in the residential market based on our track record in service design. Capacity secured a development grant from The National Lottery Communities Fund (TNLCF), which covered elements of the Feasibility Planning (including external legal advice costs), and took forward all other aspects (stakeholder engagement, data analysis, programme management, service planning and design) as a pro bono piece of work - because solving this issue sits at the heart of why Capacity exists. 


Capacity started this project, working with care-experienced young people locally, and the commissioners who are responsible for their care. That they all agree on one thing: we need to stop expecting change if we keep doing things the same way.

Capacity went on to set up ‘We Are Juno CIC’, an organisation that is owned by the team who work there, meaning everyone has an interest in it being the best it can be. Over the following year, the funding model was developed and the team at Capacity worked to access funding to bring Juno to life across the Liverpool City Region, starting in Wirral.

Our Development Partners

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Alongside local young people, commissioners and potential funders, Juno is supported by two leading organisations in this field: 

Catch 22: a not-for-profit business with a social mission. For over 200 years they have designed and delivered services that build resilience and aspiration in people and communities. Former Chief Exec Chris Wright and other senior leaders within the organisation have been involved in the development of this programme from its outset. Chris Wright sits on Juno’s Board of Directors. 

ThemPra: These leaders in social pedagogy are playing a key role in developing our learning programmes and professional development pathways for leaders and frontline staff in Juno. They’ve helped to ensure that this ethos is a constant in how we deliver our support. 

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