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Being a part of the Juno team - Nina's Blog

Nina shares her motivations for joining the Juno team, and her experience with us so far.

I joined Juno as a Registered Manager in November 2022, after working in residential care as a Manager for 6 years and in total just under 10 years.

The values and beliefs of Juno very much influenced my motivation to join the company. I love the focus on being a team - listening to each other, sharing responsibilities and keeping our eyes on the goal of offering children the best care. The team really wants to make a positive difference in the lives of looked-after children living in residential care, and that really aligns with my goals. I want to create homes where children and young people could thrive, with adults around them who provide the best care.

Right away, I knew I wanted to be working here, and there were many reasons for it: how much time and effort had gone into listening and developing a model which involved former looked-after children; the drive and passion of those already involved in Juno; and to work against the current care on offer with its profiteering. I wanted to challenge what had gone before with new, exciting, caring ideas and primarily to work for a company whose values were like my own.

There is a real emphasis on the team here, with a drive to develop each other’s skills, celebrate success and create happy homes that will make that positive difference. I appreciate how the team supports each other, always looks to do the right thing and is keen to see each other succeed.

Right now, we're working on opening our first home and recruiting a brilliant team of Social Care Practitioners who share the same values and goals.

Does that sound like a team you'd like to be a part of? Find out more and apply here.

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