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Working with the Young Leaders group - Tom's blog

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Juno’s Young Leaders is a group of care-experienced young adults who have come together to provide their perspective and guide our thinking about making children’s homes the best place to live.

Meeting monthly, the group has created a friendly and safe space to talk about issues that they think are most important in the design and operation of a brilliant children’s residential care home.

The involvement of care-experienced young people is as the heart of what we do here at Juno: transforming children’s residential care. Their opinions informed a range of decisions from designing physical spaces in our homes, to what the team should look like and what the experience of residential care should feel like.

In September 2022, the group expanded and started meeting more regularly, with our first home on the Wirral almost ready to open. The Young Leaders will help us decorate the home’s communal spaces, creating a homely feel. They will also play a significant part in recruiting the care team.

Being a group coordinator has been rewarding and I’ve learned so much. It’s been interesting to see how quickly the group has managed to create such a welcoming and open atmosphere, where everyone can put their opinions forward. Our hybrid format means that group members can join online and be included in the discussion moving forward. This allows our members to participate alongside their studies and childcare responsibilities.

Our Director of Care Jaci, is working alongside the group to ensure we are utilising their input in the best way. It’s an exciting time to be facilitating the Young Leaders group meetings and seeing how their ideas and feedback shape the future of Juno.

Want to hear more? Watch our Strategic Lead Sophie talk about Young Leaders on our Facebook page.

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