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Green light from Liverpool City Region's Combined Authority for £800,000 funding

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

We are thrilled to receive the funding and support from the Combined Authority and Steve Rotheram, the Metro Mayor.

The Combined Authority have dubbed our plans as ‘transformational’ , as we plan to positively disrupt and shake-up the private care sector, not only by creating opportunities for children to stay closer their local areas and friends, but also to remove the profiteering made from private homes. We are truly putting the heart of care back in the hands of the young people who need it.

Steve Rotheram, Mayor of the Liverpool City Region, said: “Every child deserves the chance to grow up in a loving family with a safe, secure home to call their own. Yet, for some young people in our community, situations beyond their control can mean they find themselves living outside their family home for extended periods of time. When that happens, I want to make sure we can provide them with the reassurance of knowing they won’t need to leave their local area.

“Working with Juno and our local councils, we want to build a safety net that will mean a child’s life is disrupted as little as possible by making sure they don’t need to move school, or move away from their friends, at a time when they need stability the most.”

So far, Juno has been funded through £625,000 of charitable investments from the National Lottery Community Fund, KPMG Foundation and the Segelman Trust, as well as a £1m loan from Wirral Council and over £400,000 from local social investments.

Now, the additional £800,000 from the Combined Authority will help us make residential care a great place for children to grow up; creating homes that young people are proud of, where they are safe, loved and given the confidence and skills they will need in later life.

To help ensure that Juno homes suits the needs for everyone, we have been working collaboratively with Local Authorities and young people from across the Liverpool City Region, our Young Leaders, ensuring all homes are fit-for-purpose, with young voices at the heart of it.

Sherrie, a voice from Juno’s Young Leaders Group said: “My experience with Juno has been really supportive. They have been sure to go out of their way to support me in voicing any concerns or hopes for future plans. As a non-binary person with a disability, the world can be a scary place but Juno gives me hope.

“I think it’s important to create homes with the voice of care experienced people at the centre because lived experience is an invaluable teacher. We live through the trauma to be in the system to begin with and as we heal, we learn about the resilience and the kindness needed from those who care for us.

“With the Young Leaders Group having people from a variety of care experienced backgrounds, it offers us all opportunities to learn and grow and heal and empower others while sharing our experience.’

The core of Juno’s fresh approach is simple - we want to shape better homes and more homes to support our most vulnerable children and young people. By creating an exceptional environment for care, investing time and resource to enhance experiences for staff, we will create a space where all young people feel safe, loved and supported in all aspects of their emotional, physical, and educational development - homes, where young people will thrive.

The additional backing from the CA now holds opportunity for the Liverpool City Region to lead transformational change for the care sector, changing how great care is delivered for the future.

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