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Children’s Residential Care in Liverpool City Region: It’s time to shake things up

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Today the children’s residential marketplace is overwhelmed by organisations that are ultimately led by profit, not purpose. Where homes aren’t privately-owned, they are run by Local Authorities or by the voluntary sector and even then, it’s a challenge (due to scale, capacity or red tape) to really shake things up.

It’s frustrating for those of us working in the sector, so how must it feel for a young person living in it?

Over the last eighteen months Capacity has worked with care-experienced young people in the North West, and the commissioners who are responsible for their care. What did we find? That they all agree on one thing: we need to stop expecting change if we keep doing things the same way. Young people want us as providers to put the focus of residential children’s homes in the ‘right’ places – on giving stability, hope and opportunity to every young person they engage with. We believe this can and will happen, and this is what Juno is here to do: introduce a model that measures success not on risks managed, audits completed or beds filled but on heads stimulated, hearts warmed and hands held.

We Are Juno CIC will be owned by the team who work there, meaning everyone has an interest in it being the best it can be. So, we’ve got the thoughts of the young people, we’ve got the plans to work, we’ve got our first home being setup, now we need great people to join the Juno team.

We want people who have big dreams for them and people who will use every bit of their being to help make those dreams a reality. If that sounds exciting to you (or someone you know), visit our Juno page and get in touch – let’s start changing lives by changing yours.

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